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PHALADA GOMINI+ (Enriched vermicompost)

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(Enriched vermicompost)
Organic fertilizer - Phalada Gomini + is made from pure earthworm castings made with right proportionate mixed organic matter like Sugar cane pressmud, Carbon rich material,protein rich organic matter and herbal residues. This pure vermi- compost is bleded with beneficial microorganisms like Azotobacter, Rhizobium, Azospirilum for fixing Nitrogen, Potash mobilizing bacteria for enrich the soil with available Potash and Bacillus megatherium for solubilizing unavailable Phosporus in the soil and also enriched with sea weed extract.
On application This Organic fertilizer Phalada Gomini+ will provide minimum 6-9 kgs of Nitrogen, 4- 6kgs of Phosphorus and 84 kgs of Potassium per acre per crop based on environmental condition.
Also this product is rich in plant require organic acids like fulvic acid, humic acids, several alkaloids, natural antifungal agents, plant growth harmones similar to Indole acetic acid, Indole buteric acid etc at substantial level.

Benefits of Organic fertilizer Gomini+
1. Improve resistance of crop plants against disease and stress condition
2. Improve crop growth and yield by 20 – 30 %
3. Secretion of growth hormones to increase crop productivity
4. Suitable to apply to all crop
5. Enhance soil health and soil fertility
6. Reduce cost of potash application by 50 – 60%
7. Improve sucrose content in crop and appearance
8. Improve coloration and shelflife of crop/produce

Dosage: (Best results when applied along with on farm compost)
  1. For young Oil palm: 2 - 3 kgs per plant

  2. Medium size Above 3 years old pant : 5 - 7 kgs per plant

  3. Old trees: 15 - 20 kgs per tree

Storage: store in coold and dry place and away from direct sun light.

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacturing.

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