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Phalada Gomini (Bio compost)

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Phalada Gomini (Bio compost) Phalada Gomini (Bio compost) ORGANIC FERTILIZER PRODUCTS

Phalada Gomini (Bio Compost)

Phalada Gomini is a certified organic manure suitable for any type of soil. The right proportion of organic matter like sugar cane pressmu,leaf litters,green leaves are made into vermicompost by using two types of earthworms called Red worms and Raincrawler worms.
Also rich in plant require organic acids like fulvic acid,humic acids,several alkaloids,natural antifungal agents,plant growth harmones at substantial level.


•It is a natural fertilizer
•Not hazardous for the soil
•Improves soil aeration and texture
•Water retention ability of soil will increase
•It improves the nutrient status of the soil.

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