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Phalada 108 BC (Biomass composter )

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Phalada 108 BC (Biomass composter ) Phalada 108 BC (Biomass composter) ORGANIC FERTILIZER PRODUCTS

Phalada 108 BC (Biomass composter)

Phalada 108 BC is a Biochemical formulation which can degrade any type of natural Biomass by its enzymatic reaction on degradable plant material without harming soil and surrounding environment.


On application of this products is results in
- This formulation will accelerates the decomposition of organic matter like oil palm waste(in powder form), banana waste, tea leaf waste, green leaves, dry leaf litter etc,. within 3 months time.
- No bad smells during the process
- Converts proteins and carbohydrate into good humus form
- Controls all pathogens which generates in normal composting process
- Does not give any bad effects to any beneficial insects

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